About Us

Modern platform operations require profound technological insight and expertise - especially when a situation emerges that was not considered during the design stage. We provide oil & gas operators with ongoing support, insight and equipment to debottleneck their brownfield facilities. Thereby we help them overcome their operational challenges and help them focus on what they do best.


Our Vision

In the time where separation technology companies have become absorbed by major service providers through the various mergers and acquisitions that took place over the last decade, we take pride in being a small enterprise.

Being small has its advantages, as we can go where big companies cannot. As such, we take our place in the market between them.

We are flexible to scope of work, timing, pricing and terms & conditions. But certainly not at all cost.

We build on our experience and actively seek cooperation with industry partners and end users to make upstream oil & gas processing more efficient, less polluting and less contributing to global warming than what it is today.

Once we have the financial means from the proceeds of the business, we will invest in green and renewable energy production, as well as forests. Not only to cover our own footprint, but also to cover the footprint of others who may not have the means to do so themselves.

We therefore encourage oil & gas end users and operators helping us achieving this vision by letting us help them. 

World Economic Forum / Forests


Our Core Values

Not seldomly oil and gas is being produced in remote locations (onshore & offshore), but sometimes extraction and processing takes place in the vicinity of people’s or nature’s habitats. It is therefore of utmost importance that, although we are not an oil company, that what we do or supply to any oil company, as a minimum, was supplied to their well-defined specifications as well as in accordance with our core values.


We have defined our Core Values as follows:


Safety First

Safety is most important and in everybody’s interest, as well as that of the environments our Clients and we operate in. Safety principles should not only be adhered to at work, but very much so also at home. To achieve Safety First, all other values must be honoured.


Integrity is to do the right thing, even if nobody is looking. In remote locations when there is nobody to watch, in onshore areas to safeguard the community and the environment surrounding us and our Clients. Even in circumstances where the enforcement of the Law is weak, whether pushed by Clients or suppliers, we choose the course of highest integrity and always in accordance with the Law. With integrity comes safety and trust.


We are committed to these values and to completing the projects awarded to us safely, within the specifications set and on time for our Clients. With this commitment comes safety, trust, quality and reliability.


We strive to be honest and fair in all that we do. We will not take unfair advantage of anyone. We do not tolerate employees acting dishonestly to achieve results at the expense of violating the Law. With honesty comes safety, integrity, trust and reliability.


We practice an open culture, where all employees are expected to be forthcoming and record all transaction accurately. Employees should not shy back when they have the reason to believe that a suspicious transaction or incident of fraud has taken place. We encourage employees to raise their concern(s) and cooperate in investigations. Transparency is also to admit and to be accountable when we were wrong. It enables us to address issues in an early stage, so that we can correct them. With transparency comes safety, integrity and trust.


Responsibility is to address concerns, without hesitation and risk of reprimands, that may develop into (future) issues. With responsibility comes safety, integrity, trust and quality.


Sustainability is to minimise the footprint and impact of our services and equipment on the environments surrounding us and our Clients, irrespective whether this is in a remote or onshore area. We only can achieve it when adhering to all other values. Sustainability comes with trust and ultimately, provided we perform well, impact.


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